Meditation to Unknot the ‘Bow-Tie’ of the Eighth Chakra … by Alice B. Clagett

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One Symptom of Off-Kilter Eighth Chakra Is Clair Chatter

If we do not pay attention to the eighth chakra, which is extra-physical … that is to say, the first of the ‘transpersonal’ chakras; chakras that are above the physical body … If we do not pay attention to it, then vibrations up there can influence the entire electromagnetic field, and throw it off-kilter. And so it may appear to us that we are hearing clair chatter, but in fact vibrations of the entire electromagnetic field that are taking place, and these manifest as clair chatter in regions of our subtle bodies that resonate with us through clair hearing. 

Clair Chatter Is Sometimes Called Cognitive Dissonance

Clair chatter is sometimes called ‘cognitive dissonance’ … this is what Tom Kenyon called it long, long ago. ‘Cognitive dissonance’ is a very good term, I feel …

Link: “Cognitive and Emotional Challenges during Chaotic Nodes: A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon” … ..

I call the Eighth Chakra the ‘Bow-Tie’ Area, Where Our Karmic Meta-Programs Can Get Knotted Up

I call the eighth chakra the ‘bow-tie’ area because things can get knotted up there … karmically knotted up. It is a place where the meta-programs of the physical and subtle forms are stored.

When these programs are conscious programs, the the whole electromagnetic field smoothes. But when they are unconscious programs, then there can be quite a roiling throughout the emotional body, congruent with the noospheric influence on the electromagnetic field of a person. It almost feels like knobby commotion happening in the eighth chakra, at the bow-tie area, up above the head.

Meditation to Unknot the ‘Bow-Tie’ of the Eighth Chakra
by Alice B. Clagett
6 January 2019

One of the things that can be done so as to clarify and still the electromagnetic energy of the eighth chakra, is to sit, and to feel the roiling motion or knobby commotion there

I sit. I feel the moving-around electromagnetic energy up above my head. And I also feel where I am sitting very firmly. By keeping these two points in mind, the whole energy field clears up pretty well.

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Alice B. Clagett
Filmed on 6 January 2019

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